What is your approach to photography?

First of all, I HATE having my picture taken.  When I launched my photography business, I worked to create an experience for a similar client... someone looking for a photographer that would listen to their needs and create images that are authentic, true + unique to YOU!

So, I ask you questions and discuss your expectations.  Do you only like the left side or your face?  Let's just shoot from that angle.  Hate the way your ankles look?  Let's shoot from the waist up.  I am driven to create a relaxed + fun experience.

I absolutely love learning about people and how to tell their story.  By the end of most sessions, I want to sit down and have dinner with my clients.  But don't worry, I will leave!

Where do we meet?

I am up for anything!  Do you have a favorite garden?  Let’s shoot there.  Do you love fishing in a pond?  Let’s meet there.  Do you love jumping out of planes?  I’ve never done that, but I’d be willing to figure it out!

If you don’t have a definitive idea on location, I am happy to suggest lovely spots and times of day for best lighting. 

We will discuss your vision for documenting your images and agree upon location and best time for lighting.

What do I wear?

Whatever makes you feel fabulous!  Don’t wear anything that is not YOU.  I would lean to colors that compliment your complexion and eyes.  Lean toward more bold pattens and colors... small prints do not photograph well.   

The images will capture your best angles and expressions.  The emotion and interaction are the focus...  the clothes are secondary (unless we are shooting for an Anthropologie Catalog).  

I want you to look and feel amazing!

What if my kids are crazy?

Believe me, I have worked with the most difficult subjects… MY children!  If I can get them to smile for me, I can get anyone to smile.  I work to incorporate myself in their environment and engage them in what they like to do.  If they feel like having a snack or taking a break, I wait.  If they have a meltdown, I wait.  Sometimes the magic happens AFTER the meltdown!   I try to make it fun...  no stressing allowed.

What if my parents are crazy?

Have you ever been told your child totally forgets you when you leave them crying at school?  Same holds true for pictures.  Once you step away and let us engage, I can get some great expressions and shots!   Believe me, I am so guilty of hovering over my kids yelling, “Smile, look at the camera!”.  But as soon as I just let them be and engage in something they are interested in, I get the best shots!

How long is the session?

The typical session lasts an hour to hour and a half.  I see you men rolling your eyes, I promise, it’s really not that painful.

I begin with boring posed pictures while everyone is clean and pressed.  Then the fun begins... I direct the kids to play or run.  Children (or Dads) may start whining or declare they’re done, but 9 times out of 10, the best images come after a meltdown.  I’ve seen it happen over and over.  My advice is to just relax (perhaps have a cocktail) and let the session take its course, that’s when the magic happens!

What if it rains?

Either you put on some cute rain boots and jump in the rain, or we reschedule.  Not a problem!

What if my child is sick or has a huge black eye from a fight with big brother?

We either take pictures and document the shiner or we reschedule.  I draw the line at documenting a kid with fever or chicken pox… no thank you!

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely!  If we all break our arms jumping out of the plane, I'm covered.  If you push me out of the plane and I crash, I'm covered with disability.   If I push you out of the plane and you crash, you're  covered, I've got liability!  Let the adventures begin...

What kind of equipment do you use?

I am a Nikon shooter and bring a whole suitcase of lenses to use during our session.  I use lighting for certain situations and will not depend only on natural light.  I continually invest in education with the best photographers in the industry to keep my skills sharp and constantly improving to offer the best product to my clients.


A Proof Gallery will be live 2 weeks after your session.  We can schedule a meeting in my office to discuss the images your love and the  right products to create stunning displays.  My goal is to create images that you will want to showcase in your home, office or as a gift for someone special.